Friday, 8 September 2017

Introductory Letter


09 September 2017

RE: Self-Introduction

Dear Professor Brad Blackstone,

My name is Ong Xun Qi, and I am writing to introduce myself to you as a student in your Effective Communication class. I graduated with a diploma in Clean Energy from Temasek Polytechnic. Initially, I did not like my course as i had difficulty coping with Engineering Maths, which was beneficial for students with Additional Mathematics background. I was unable to get in to Amaths due to my mediocre results in Elemental Mathematics in secondary school days. Nevertheless, I persevered and managed to do fairly well in the Maths modules i took in my first year and a half. It was until year 3 when i was posted to a solar energy company for internship that aroused my interest in this field of work. Thus, I have decided to pursue my interest by furthering my studies in Sustainable Infrastructure Engineering(Land).

My goal for studying in this module is to improve on my communication skills. In every profession we take up in society, communication is a important factor in many situations. Several examples are working together with colleagues, giving presentations and liaising with clients. I hope to brush up on my writing skills and learn to be more professional in giving presentations to others. 

In terms of weakness in communication, I am very bad in writing with many grammar mistakes and improper sentence phrasing. Due to this, the main point in my writing has always been neglected or not brought up clearly. This becomes a big obstacle in my learning journey in English.

As far as a strength, I would suggest that i am able to maintain good eye contact with the audience while in presentations through my past experiences in polytechnic and internship. For instance, I was able to relay the important details of my Solar PV System to my lecturers back in the days I was doing my Major Project in Poly year 3.2, attaining a B+ grade for it. 

I believe that learning to communicate well is greatly beneficial in making me a better person and I sincerely look forward to improving myself from your teachings in the coming Effective Communication classes.

Best regards,
Ong Xun Qi

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